Talkshow #17: Tâm sự nghề môi giới bất động sản – Brian – 6 years experiences in real estate

Xin chào các bạn Hôm nay là kỉ thứ 17. của chương trình talkshow tâm sự nghề. môi giới bất động sản và hôm nay mình có. người anh zion mà đến đây nhưng chương. trình hẹn gặp lại đem very happy happy. is my name is right For You Girl I can’t. to Vietnam

Xin chào các bạn Hôm nay là kỉ thứ 17. của chương trình talkshow tâm sự nghề. môi giới bất động sản và hôm nay mình có. người anh zion mà đến đây nhưng chương. trình hẹn gặp lại đem very happy happy. is my name is right For You Girl I can’t. to Vietnam EXID every night you go to. school of education of my phonic Western. university and actresses In Vietnam are. Common Law of Vietnam culture and people. of meats Damage masteri to take better. business and commented i met you in. Japan Speed vì tưởng chừng nào Báo Trước. kia em còn đã khám. I love you so much you want me to make. my family Words and receipt of my mom. all the way to music and more time. International way and number your. command around the house Inn and suites. is your gentle say I’m so excited. something they can’t afford assignment. me tell me what is love around when to.

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This way to use a small Life Stories in. Advance Acoustic. I show you that and strange about the. computer keyboard controls the more to. increase the most used to make you love. me Yes i know something that have a. linear alkyl picapau Natsu love Lucy và. Natsu for love request hochiminh City. Vietnam I’m from the cinema with the. People aged more often I know of street. Now Phải cấp số nhân vào despi nevezis. smile There is so much for your rental. I was born to fight and fine spring day. nhé thể học được web mày quên Đăng ký. samara sooc trẻ học Mission is to be. number three main commissioning and. three Star muzik Gold fatalite trong. place is kind of information the. girlfriend was interested to use vì cũ. Exciter Monster Life orb and the weather. like I’m gonna Marry The Night When the. best is well I would Write down just.

Walk on first trial Devil fruit and your. internal have to practice make me and. beach Which is yours and people like you. work hard Drive or Kill Speed and well. put Myself to garik. ở Mỹ Waiting For You Tube Nhà nhà ấy là. bao do What I Used the war to my best. friend more and Ho Chi Minh city press. the weather Safe and strains of What. makes it a personal Edition is the. perfect but I will make My cameras are. the happy place Where every Minute And. Take your future in đi đâu ra money and. the Ultimate arcade Fire Dragon spirit. the Wedding of up to you you still have. Angeles Nếu tôi làm vậy TV bang Nga xài. vì EXO. cho ví dụ mình of product for Words when. you go aFamily giờ lên quay Talent of. Amazing food and trained đi mua cá koi. and tệ father Christmas I know that. you’re a Security nha because you at.

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As well I show you what they decided To. Find Your self made of enemies that. would Write new deli vina computer table. tennis inoue baby It’s You are missed. Show her career in cases of forming the. commission like Some people have to use. of the witch witch is either neither The. Pride. ô ô vọng market in my heart is where art. Story which were collected all Good. morning I saw your investments protein. dances and Write love you I’m So what. you Papa love and You’re sure to be out. of papers of The One That school they. now and when you go and thought wed. permission for Please specify the market. place to word for it bây giờ vào thì. phải xem xét em Em có vào áo phải xóa. lại em sideway làm speaking Writing task. which Were Here is my world in the. station on occasion When were Together. face. anh em vào bụng howi sao đây mẹ kêu em.

Nhé Em thì rau ngót cho hay sau mày để. thằng Mạnh kiệm được thì có Places which. disqualification để đi được gọi được. thôi Kệ dù đang có cơ quan cafe sân vườn. mình đưa xuống hot và mới đây rồi rồi. vội pin và còn đi xem rất nhiều các em. school mà bây giờ anh ghét cái điện máy. quét anh khó and because of the weather. Live Show me the store master roles of. What is it entertaining and ratings for. your my Wishes For its content are. i miss instrumentation and partners. weather live Focus Mode on one side and. dragon ball one piece of land in your. life you wear what you speak English. very well never Touch with your English. amalgamation sodass gây or any Words. will Sing for evermore tommasi show. esports Battle is focusing on the reason. is appointed to come up against the. world is focused on your warning helped.

Make calls me what’s your name and. sharing our eyes are interested in. nightlife oder Liars tinh stayed in City. mây ngoài and That is your local thì. chết à. âm nhạc của tiền và đi ngoài constraints. of some time with you like it is played. with its helped unit and right person. EXO and freight World one day I want to. find the f*** you ngoài đẹp cũng hồ gì. anh chị cho hỏi tí em tự hỏi sau Nhưng. nghĩa là tình thương thì trốn rồi mày. điên dại nhà đây mai khác giờ thì mai. xuống vừa lên mạng kiếm tiền về để em đi. vô trong này này đây khóc trong để sẽ ID. and scanned haunted by bgirl because In. The Heart and they and heavily bass. splen Tiger giờ xe máy đi xin lỗi trong. việc đem về à. Ừ Từ từ điển bật lập Huy Ích p and. mistakes If I know the wild more easy. for the welfare of thefatrat thefatrat. What do you like you got me Despicable.

Me The way to stop you understand And. you feel We have is clear right after. looking outward Delta connection will. you were Days when you’re welcome you. and your important aspect of restaurant. music and you you open Doors and I got. it has Everything they thought that. Sting thik của Nga and he stood down and. I. anh chưa Tí thôi nhưng kiếm danastar thì. nó quen thôi Để không thấy quá đây. looking forward của chị sẽ nó thật đây. cứ lại cực thầy lạ về các loại nét và. anh when you find ourselves and drink. and straightforward and arrangements. citadel Warrior hơn estrias Death match. the weather is that Were In Love Time. Where is my career advancement of our. best Model Slim juji any advice to. Summon city.it lactic từ từ sau. ở trong tides and request of and. interested in spite of Wall Street. market Generation to plan to school and.

Stay và smart Android xoay way for dịch. bởi vì nhỉ anan athletica small Price to. use in English and is one of the most My. personal of Apple Will Find out your. paper 2 sim Mobi Army and Write English. speakers of people work your way to. manage to serve with me to. em hỗ trợ wifi and nó khóa luôn y vậy. hồ D như vậy on one morning all about is. displayed trishna an Android IOS tinh do. when the finest Hour you like me right C. f*** you to keendy Vinasun What well. find you like your girlfriend worked. well they watch later use it I don’t. Tell You must take about anywhere in. Everything That’s the woman you show. everyone. chủ nhật đi cô gái chứ gì Tên fic the. fire in the hole in cá còn tạo ra những. yêu cầu thiết tàu chiến có sinh vật sót. hãy now I know If We’re waiting for. someone special Skills And Show me what.

You can’t Wait A Minute no Words and. their Greatest and costs down the format. picture of and twenty five minute test. Adele Adele by Heart the Ultimate test. northridge vào nếu như vậy buồn qua bên. rồi nó đi đâu Nó bảo tìm số ếch. Singapore Sài Gòn Kỷ Niệm alzheimer. Style. em gà trái tim ngoài huyết Việt Nam. YouTube bị outdoor sport is about their. Skills ways to your workforce with some. xong tao darkness Defense for each file. a Model of it Show me the past is so you. Lost everything about the Style of their. cuộc sống khoai not with all their side. Of Love sức mạnh with friends or get. noticed some file that focus on the. color your family are not sure about the. screen off Grid and across three in. other Words with which means. trẻ sơ sinh với cá khi biết mai National. you’d like to wear today weather testing.

Whether You’re ra tiếng Anh của người ta. chia cho miss ước hẹn nè Sao em nhưng. tôi biết you that i’m crazy for you and. Yours is ra chứ không có file message to. our Young và Won first are unhappy part. of The Show and Asuna and colleges of. course in service rivers of Thinking Of. You for its all the voices of interest. rate it supports all the brother of. message album and bring hope you guys. were Happy Places in Windows will ever. be. cho nên socialone Indonesia slope of. this file is the way to the People the. results were kept streaming of Sunshine. And Soul Master fought against all to me. move Let Go of ten years time Waiting. down and one place in social work and. people became apparent Dragon Infinity. Musical sustain the station game with. the west Coast suty Colombia main. economies of scale for use ơn important.

For your family and about Places I. noticed my my homies each person you. used to know the listener soldiers in. determining the soul suspect You think. There’s something that work. I think how you can tell you something. better it and these are excited When I. want to speak about one of many faces. and don’t know where I’m walking away. somehow that I can’t have before any. case Where is not the kind of swiss made. for travel around at four nights are for. the best phone apartment with the reward. you do and decided not to drive when you. and threats I’ve incorporated in spite. of arts in their Animals in people We. Come and use their first work and. equipment and find the rain Is Falling. to find the best of me will Matter What. is that Fell in love for you going to. visit suena welcome and to before it. starts work for the student IS rejected.


https://youtu.be/peRXq5cgrWUXin chào các bạn Hôm nay là kỉ thứ 17. của chương trình talkshow tâm sự nghề. môi giới bất động sản và hôm nay mình có. người anh zion mà đến đây nhưng chương. trình hẹn gặp lại đem very happy happy. is my name is right For You Girl I can’t. to Vietnam

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